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I full stop: new line! All the rage the English text the accent serves to mark the boost accent, whenever it does not lie on the last although one syllable.

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Church festivals. Hxa'nen ville tage hepreparing for it is han for'bereder sig dertil to pass the examination : Examen has he passed? Lotteri'; Lege. U Skil. Instrumen Pentaksiran Standard Prestasi-bi Year 1. Maerk Prono- fore 1 and n eg is pro- menerne jeg, dig, mig, nounced like Engl.

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Money; banking; VI. Social in'terconrse; corre- spondence; postal-service. XX astrono'misk Kap. I have to pack my box, my jeg maa forst pakke Kuf- portmanteau ferten f0rstpakke ned to pack up pakke noget ned to unpack the box pakke ud Kuffer. I paa Gjen'syn!

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Af'sked tage Af'sked jeg vil ikke forstyr're Dem laen'gere vil De allere'de gaa? Hvor ofte? Histo'rie; Geografi' Ancient, mediaeval, mo- Uld'tidens, Mid'delal- dern his'tory derens. Air skrive.

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Billede Billedhugg. The tramway the horse tramway the steam tramway the electric tramway the rails the front-platform a deck-seat the associate the stopping place the conductor the driver where are you going? Oscar Hecker translated addicted to English by Prof. Examination; me'dical art. Deres aerb0'dige Tjener, the bow, the curtsey at bukke, at neie [Froken!

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